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May 2022

NCSC, National Cyber Security Centre, UK

We are proud to announce that Vault Sentinel has been recognised and selected for the NCSC for Startups program. Vault Sentinel offer a unique cyber recovery solution allowing an organisation to recover from a catastrophic cyber attack in days rather than weeks. We are one of only 14 companies, selected from around 100 applicants, to have been recognised and selected to work with the NCSC.

“The UK government’s National Cyber Strategy identified ransomware attacks from cyber criminals and state-backed actors in Russia and China as one of the big threats the UK is facing. With that in mind, Plexal and the National Cyber Security Centre have found five innovative cyber startups to build, adapt or pilot solutions to ransomware as part of our NCSC For Startups initiative.”

“….the startups will get an unprecedented level of access to technical experts and incident response teams from the NCSC….”

NCSC Statement.png

We very much look forward to working with the NCSC teams and forging a lasting working relationship to help UK and global organisations to plan for and recover from a cyber attack.

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