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Many thanks to everyone who attended the
"Cyber Recovery For All"
event on 8th June.
Look out for more events coming soon.


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A private tennant SaaS solution to allow you to recover from a cyber attack in days rather than weeks

We tackle the two key problems

Technical Recovery

Recovering the effected technical objects when you have lost access to foundational infrastructure.
  • Self inflating objects meaning no intermediary infrastructure such as backup infrastructure is required to recover a device.

  • Secure Windows and Linux, Physical or virtual, cloud infrastructure, network infrastructure, storage infrastructure, databases. Mid range coming on the product roadmap.

  • Technology agnostic.

  • The engineer only needs the object we provide and the device to recover.

  • Highly secure, isolated virtual vaults anywhere required.

  • Industry agnostic

Managing the crisis

The scenario will be like nothing an organisation has encountered before.
How do you manage the unmanagable?
  • Map the organisation's Minimum Viable Service, MVS. This is the minimum that an organisation would be in a position to provide a minimum level of service.

  • As everything is mapped, retrieval from the vaults is simple and an entire business service consisting of hundreds of objects can be retrieved with just 2 clicks.

  • Every technical object, every business service and every business process can have an Active Runbook with detailed task by task recovery instructions with real time updates to command and control.

  • Vault Sentinel provide a master library of Active Runbooks which can then be customised to individual objects, services and processes.

  • As everything is mapped, the dependancies are understood and Vault Sentinel provides minute by minute Recovery Time Achievable, RTA, times for every object, service and process.

  • Calculated RPO and RTO

  • Pre defined mobilisation tasks to ensure that every task is executed to mobilise the teams.

  • Pre defined technical check lists per team to check for the impact of the attack which then highlights the services and processes effected, cutting the time to understand the impact dramatically.

  • Management updates

  • Internal communications so not relying on usual communication methods as they might be unavailable.

  • iPhone and iPad applications for engineers and manag

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It can be difficult to understand the impact that a sophisticated cyber attack can have on your organisation. Many attacks leave an organisation with no immediate way to recover. If backups have not been compromised they are usually unavailable as the foundational infrastructure and backup infrastructure are not available.

Communications could be unavailable, email and phones, no documentation, no operational documentation, Operations Centres are unavailable.

An organisation needs to have the ability to demonstrate that they are in control and managing what would be a catastrophic event.

The Problem

The scenario every organisation dreads. You are locked out of your applications and you can't provide service to your customers.

Without a way back, the very future of your organisation is at risk.

Traditional Recovery plans are not adequate for a cyber attack. A cyber attack knows no boundaries and will effect as much of your organisation as it can. 

Traditional backups are stored in a proprietary format and need the vendors backup and restore infrastructure to perform a restore.

In many cyber attacks the existing resilience measures are compromised and not available.

Many vendors offer immutable backups, but without the foundational infrastructure and backup infrastructure, these are effectively useless.

Hacked symbol on computer circuit board

Having a backup isn't the challenge,

recovering business service is the challenge

Recovery and restart symbol. Businessman

The Solution

A offline environment with all the necessary recovery functionality an organisation needs to recover from a cyber attack.

Vault Sentinel uses self inflating objects, meaning they don't need any additional infrastructure of services to recover. An engineer only needs the device and the secure copy.

Vault Sentinel provides everything an organisation needs to recover offline.

  • Secure self inflating copies

  • Mapping of technical objects to business services

  • Retrive all objects from a business service consisting of hundreds of objects, globally with just 2 clicks

  • Active runbooks providing details instructions to engineers

  • Command and Control features to monitor the recovery

  • Calculated RPO and RTO

  • Realtime RTA calculated as engineers provide updates minute by minute

  • Realtime RTA is for technical object and business services provide accurate foreast completion times.

  • Engineer iPhone and iPad applications

  • Management iPhone and iPad applications

  • Data Reconciliation information

  • Multi lingual videos and PDF's

Operational applications will not be available so Vault Sentinel provides a complete operational management application to manage and track a recovery, business wide and globally, from a single management console.

Secure, segregated areas and a secure, offline, business wide and global single view of recovery management and tracking

Retrieve an entire business service

consisting of hundreds of technical objects in

2 clicks

Analysis and Planning Consultancy

Vault Sentinel will be with you all the way on your cyber recovery journey.

We will work with you on your Important Business Processes (IBP) and Minimum Viable Services (MVS).

We will work with your technology teams to secure copies of the foundational infrastructure and MVS components.

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Vault Sentinel provides a secure, off line, business wide and global single view of your recovery management and tracking.

Copies of objects are stored offline and securely in segregated areas.

Technical objects are mapped to business services and processes allowing the retrieval of a business service with 2 clicks.

As our assumption always is that an organisation has lost the usual services it uses for resilience, the application not only provides a technical recovery but provides an operational framework to manage the recovery.

Female and Male IT Engineers Discussing Technical Details in a Working Data Center_ Server

Engineers and Specialists

Vault Sentinel provides everything an engineer and application or service specialists will need.

Active runbooks walk the engineer through a recovery task by task. Multi lingual videos and PDF's to support them.

As the engineer progresses the recovery, real time updates are sent to command and control updating the RTA for the object and the respective business service.

Team of Professional Computer Data Science Engineers Work on Desktops with Screens Showing

Command and Control

Vault Sentinel provides an operational framework that organisations can use to manage a recovery.

The application provides engineers with an iPhone application to locate devices and to provides regular updates to command and control.

Management updates are provided and available on an iPad application.

Business people as a business team with luggage on business trip in airport terminal.jpg

Rapid Response

Vault Sentinel will be with you all of the way.

Should your organisation ever suffer a cyber attack, the Vault Sentinel GO Pack provides 24/7 support for a week and a senior experienced incident manager in your command and control centre.


Vault Sentinel believe that an organisations security and breach recovery posture should not be publicly available or shared. All work is done under NDA and we will never publish the architecture online.

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